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Why More Retail Customers Prefer Buying Online

A recent study has shown that one out of five retail shoppers in the UK are buying online. It is a trend that Bricks and Mortar retailers should take note of.

Why are more customers buying online?

  • Convenience – customers can shop at any time that is convenient form them because the online retailer takes orders 24/7;
  • Product information –  online retail customers don’t have to visit different stores to find information about products. They can simply use Google to get the information in real time;
  • Product choice – online retailers offer a variety of products with different brands to their customers;
  • Better prices – not only are the product prices of online retailers lower, but online customer can also compare the product prices of retailers to get the best deal;
  • Delivery of products – online customers have many options of when and where they want their goods delivered;
  • Sharing experiences – online customers can share their online shopping experience via the social media and also read what other shoppers have to say.

The online shopping experience

Apart from being a utilitarian medium for online shoppers, the Internet satisfies most shoppers’ hedonistic needs.  Similar to the experience that a shopper enjoys visiting a shopping mall (an outing), the online shopper surfs the Internet to explore, discover and enjoy.

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Why Bricks And Mortar Retailers (Still) Can’t Compete On Price With Online Retailers…

After Bricks and Mortar retailers have paid their bills and staff, there’s not much money left to discount prices to steal a sale from online retailers. How can they compete with online retailers?

Bricks and Mortar customers love shopping online

When considering the recent almost exponential growth of online retailers, it seems that there’s not many customers left that get into a car, drive to a mall and stand in a queue at a till at a Bricks and Mortar store.

They rather use their phone or PC to search for products online, and when they find it, they can compare prices and so getting the best deal. The online customers have little problems to pay via the Internet and what’s more, their product will be delivered on their doorstep in reasonable time.

That is convenient…

What need Bricks and Mortar retailers to do to get their customers back?

Bricks and Mortar retailers should consider starting their own online shop. They may offer all the convenience of an online shop to their customers (and new online customers), whilst having a physical store where customers can feel and fit products.

Having an establish brand and an online store with a storefront may help to make Bricks and Mortar Retailers more competitive.

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Dreaming and Thinking about Starting a New Business

Most of us has probably sometime consider starting a new business. Is our mind an ally or foe when starting a new business?

The dream or need to start your own business is an emotional journey. However, when starting a business, rational thinking is required. Your Emotion and rationale should be in balance and if one is dominated by the other, a new business will struggle to get off the ground.

Business and the emotional you

When you open your shop for business, it was your dream coming true, or you have succeeded avoided your worst nightmare. To feel good and to solve problems are strong emotional drives.
What better feeling of achievement can there be as to turn the door key of your shop to start business for the first time, or a feeling of relief when opening your own business after losing your job or after years of unemployment.

The realities of a new business are however around every corner…

Starting a new business requires rational thinking

Keeping your business open is your next big challenge after opening it. Your dream has now become reality and now you need to manage your business to make a profit.

You need to manage:
• Resources (money, assets, equipment and stock);
• Staff (salaries, performance, development);
• Business’s growth and survival (business plan, marketing plan, strategies);
• Your customers (their needs and wants; their loyalty and satisfaction).

Dreaming again…

Once you have bagged enough profits from your first business, you may start dreaming about your second business – good luck!

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Successful Web Writing is a Balancing Act

It is one thing to be on the first result page of Google, but quite a different thing to get web users to stay and return to the site once they’ve opened your website…

Web presence

Website owners strive to get their websites displayed on top of the first result page of an Internet search engine such as Google. Once Internet users have opened the link to your website, they become prospect customers.

Prospect customers may become customers if they stay on your site for a while and add your site to their favorites list. The longer Internet users stay on a website and the more they return to it, the better the chance there is for a deal.

Web writing

Writing for the web means that you are also writing for a machine. You may focus on using meta tags, keywords and key phrases, headlines for the web crawler to find and drive more traffic to your site.  Internet search engines also use the content of a website to index and rank it. For many website owners the keyword density on their web pages is important and they take care to have the optimum number of keywords or phrases on their web pages compared to the other words. Some will also use Google Analytics to find out how visitors arrived used their sites.
But is this enough?

Writing for you customers

Getting your website ranked on the first result page of Google does not always guarantee a transaction.  The real challenge starts once prospect customers have opened your website. They won’t be looking for meta tags, keywords and key phrases but rather for something that will satisfy their needs, wants and desires.  Indeed, the prospect customers may be one click away from leaving your website.

Your website should give prospect customers all the information that they have anticipated finding. Who and where are you? What product do you offer? Why do you provide better value than other firms? Why is it easy to do business with you?

Your prospects customers are now in your cyber shop or office and they should enjoy the experience, purchase a product or service, come back again, and tell all their friends about your website.

Web writing is a balancing act

Web writing gives you a ticket (a good search engine result page ranking) to compete in the Internet’s main competition. Changing your prospect customer’s once of click into a transaction and a loyal advocate for your business.

Writing too much for the Web without offering substance in your Website will hardly result in transactions. Having a customer driven website and a ranking of 438 on the search engine result page will also not pay.

Ultimately your business’s financial results will indicate how you have achieved a balance between writing for the web and writing for your customers.

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A sustainable business plan

A sustainable business plan will help your business to survive and prosper for a long time. Greedy businesses, on the other hand, do not plan for sustainability. Their business is to make as much as possible money in the shortest period of time.

Importantly, plan your business to give more back than it takes.

A sustainable business plan doesn’t include greed

Greed is an excessive desire to possess wealth, goods, or abstract things of value with the intention to keep it for one’s self Will your business plan propose this?

  • Vision – to possess the market as long as it delivers money.
  • Mission – we will achieve our vision by ransacking the environment, misuse our personnel, avoid taxes and participate in corrupt business transactions.
  • Values – we will charge unfair prices; collude with suppliers of counterfeit products manufactured cheaply by children; run a smear campaign against our competition; bribe law officials and practice unfair labor practices.

Shocking? Isn’t what most of the businesses is busy doing now?

Our environment is defenseless against greedy businesses.

The natural resources of our planet are running out quickly because of the total onslaught from greedy businesses. For instance, oil and other fossil fuels are extracted from earth as if it will never run out. Pollution and deforestation by greedy business people has helped to trigger climate change putting the existence of all living species, including humans, in dire straits.

A sustainable business acknowledges the impact it has on the environment. Its business plan includes a statement for sustainability. Subsequently its doing its business without harming the environment.

Abused workers are the victims of greedy businesses