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The Challenges of Opening my Online Shop

Opening my online shop ain’t easy.

I once had a dream of opening my online shop

Having your own online shop may transpose your dreams of independence, entrepreneurship, wealth and a higher social status into reality. After all, isn’t that what you are living for? Most of us, however, need some (a lot of) help, money, and the Internet to realise our dreams.

The Internet has helped to remove critical entry barriers, allowing almost everyone enter to the retail sector.  It facilitates trade through online auction sites such as eBay, third party intermediaries such as drop shippers and retail shop’s customized eCommerce websites.

With billions of people surfing the Internet, looking for products or services, comparing specifications and prices, and eagerly buying online, dreaming about your online shop surely must now become a reality.

Is it that easy to open your online shop?

The realities of opening an online shop

I have recently experienced in real time what happen when you flip the switch from dream to reality when deciding to start my online shop. Many lessons were learned that I want to share with you.

In subsequent blogs, I will take you through my experience, with topics such as:

  • Preparing (planning) – plan to succeed;
  • Choosing your shop (an eCommerce website);
  • My intermediaries – who will supply and dispatch my products;
  • Marketing my products/services online;
  • Caring for my online customers;
  • Admin and legal aspects;
  • Growing – Your second online shop.

You are welcome to comment on the blogs and, most importantly, sharing your experience when trying to open your online shop.

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