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The Big Challenge: How to Increase your Website Traffic

New research has shown that increasing Website Traffic is the biggest challenge for Bricks and Clicks retailers.

Why is Website Traffic important?

You need visitors to your website for customers to see your products and services.

Once customers have opened you website, they will take a quick glance to see what your website has to offer. If they like what they see, they will bookmark your page or, even better, order and pay for your products and services.

If they don’t like your website, they will get out of your site – maybe to never return again.

Getting customers to you website

Data from January 2014 showed that there were about 840 million registered websites on the internet.  Thus, getting customers to your website require some effort and a lot of savvy.

Here are some tips to get customers to your website:

  • One of the popular ways to get traffic to tour website is through search engines – people always search for stuff online and, if your write about that stuff, the probably will visit your website;
  • Social media – you can use social media e.g. Facebook or Twitter to spread news about your website;
  • Contests – it attracts readers who normally wouldn’t visit your site. Hopefully they will buy something when they stop by…
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – if your budget allows it, you may use Google AdWords to list your ad high up in its search result pages.

Except for the PPC option, getting customers to your website require a lot of time and effort…

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