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Why Online Only Retailers are Starting to Open Bricks and Mortar Stores?

Online Only Retailers are starting to open physical shops.  After all these years of only doing business only, has opened their first physical (Bricks and Mortar) store in New York.

Not so long ago there were Online Only Retailers

Online Only Retailers were for long seen as the demise of Bricks and Mortar retailers. Bricks and Mortar retailers have for the past decade seen the exponential growth of online retail worldwide.  High street shops became vacant at an alarming way as their loyal customers start grasping online shopping.

There were fears of huge jog losses in the Bricks and Mortar retail sector and the negative impact it may have on society.  Foreign online retailers also enjoyed an “unfair” advantage as VAT was not collected from them.

It seemed that the future of Bricks and Mortar Retailers was doomed.

The rise of Bricks and Clicks retailers

Some Bricks and Mortar retailers react to the online threat by adding the online retail channel to their physical store.

Bricks and Clicks retailers found synergy between their physical and online shops. Their customers can visit the shop’s website to search for products and to compare prices. The customers also have an option to come to the shop to feel and fit products.

The Bricks and Clicks business model may be the way to go for both the Bricks and Mortar and Online Only retailers.

The tide has turned

Big news now is that the Only Online icon is opening their first Bricks and Mortar shop in New York. This move by Amazon surely is a pointer regarding the future of the retailer sector.

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