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Why Retailers Need to Blog

A blog page is a cost effective platform that retailers can use to interact with their customers. As a result, customers are increasingly making their final decision to buy a product by reading reviews. Also, they interact with other on the blog-page to help them with their purchase decision.

Why should a retailer have a blog?

A short answer for the above question is that it is is the space where a retailer’s customers and prospects are.  Further reasons are:

  • It offers the opportunity for retailers to communicate and interact with a large number of people at a relatively low cost.
  • Customers search the web for information about products, and what other people comment about them, also if people endorse or object products. Moreover, retailers who are blogging, can communicate  first-hand information about products to their customers.
  • The comments and reviews customers post may help retailers to identify what their customers need and where retailers can improve their business.
  • Retailers can use their blogging websites for public relations purposes. It is a useful platform for a retailer to talk to its customers and to get feedback from them.

If a retailer’s blog-page is not kept up to date, her customers may look elsewhere to find what they want.  For this reason you need to evaluate your website  and put a strategy in place to manage your blog. Finally, if you do not have a blog, you should start one now…

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