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Is Search Engine Optimization A Viable Tool for Online Retailers?

Search Engine Optimization is used by retailers to get their websites ranked higher with organic searches on websites like Google. Also, retailers change their websites and acquire links from other sites to improve their position on result pages.

How does Search Engine Optimization works?

It starts with the retailer that monitors the position of its website on the search results page regularly.  She adds or removes keywords, use tags and titles in text to get search engine spiders to recognize her website.

Also, Google counts each link to a page from another page or another website as a vote for this page. Therefore, pages and websites with more external links from other sites will be ranked more highly.

A retailer should also examine their competitors’ websites, especially those who rank the highest on the organic search engine result page. It is important for retailers to find out what they are ranking for and how they achieve those rankings.  Try to identify the keywords and tabs that the competitors are using for their websites.

Although retailers do not pay for clicks when using SEO as a digital marketing tool, the process usually takes a considerable amount of time.  Another concern regarding SEO is that it is getting more difficult for retailers to adapt and react to changes in Google’s algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization  is getting more difficult

In a recent blog Cory Howell suggests that Google is making SEO more difficult. Google is implementing 500 to 600 changes each year to its algorithms and keeps quiet about the changes.  Retailers should become more agile.  According to Howell organisations should monitor and use the feedback about their products and service to deliver the value their customers demand.

SEO is no longer a competition or online game against search engine spiders but rather a bona vide marketing strategy. To communicate the products and services that customers want and thereby earn their clicks and subsequent sales.

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