Hi, I’m your Emotional Customer. Can you please help me?

There’s an emotional customer in all of us. In fact, emotional experience connotes the whole range of our feelings, including anxiety, fear, apathy, euphoria, depression, sadness, anger, and grief 1. I’m sure we’ve all experienced some of these feelings as a result of our emotional state. Our emotional state is important because it affects our […]

Online Retailing – How Profitable are Impulsive Shoppers?

Impulsive shoppers are customers of online retailers that don’t think twice to buy a product online. For that reason they are targeted by most online retailers. However, the same characteristics that make behaviour of certain customers impulsive, may also affect their post purchase behaviour. So let’s have a look at impulsive shoppers. Who they are? […]


Very Clever AI-Powered Smartphones Empower Customers

AI-powered smartphones is the latest attempt by phone manufactures to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They argue that customers will ultimately only buy the smartest phones. But how will the retail industry react to this new gadget? AI-powered smartphones involves machine learning – the ability for a system to learn outside of its original programming. […]

The Dawn of Autonomous Cars, and the Demise of the Car Driving Experience

The phenomenon of fully autonomous cars has begun. “Self-driving cars without a human behind the wheel could run freely on UK roads from 2021, the chancellor is set to announce”, according to AutoCar. Unfortunately, by replacing human drivers with robot drivers, the end of a rather emotional relationship that we are having with cars, will […]

Content Marketing – Stories that Add Value to Your Target Audience

Content marketing is the only marketing left. Teaching your customers and giving your customers the resources to believe you are new marketing, said Seth Godin, renowned marketing author. Seth was right in 1999, and he is still spot on. The internet provides numerous opportunities for retailers to share information about their brand and products. And […]

Demise of Loyal Retail Customers in the Digital Age

Loyal retail customers have for long now given Bricks and Mortar (BM) retailers an advantage over their competitors. However, the advent of the internet and the subsequent development of the online shopping channel have changed the shopping behaviour of retail customers. Although BM retailers have invested millions of dollars in customer loyalty programs, the convenience, […]

Chatbots in Retailing – a Fact or a Fad?

Retailers are frequently yelled at by frustrated customers, or, if things go well, they are commended. That’s part of the emotional exchange that comes with a retailer’s job description. However, chatbots may change all of that. A chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. In other words, sales […]

The Joy of Shopping

Most people want to experience the joy of shopping. People no longer consume purely for practical purposes. They purchase products and services in the hope of expressing who they are, and in hope of becoming happy. Savvy retailers can help their customers to enjoy their shopping spree. “If money can’t buy happiness, why does it […]

Paying Customers is the Key for Business Growth and Survival

Any business needs paying customers to survive. Retailers need however to understand the behavior of their customer to earn their money. What is a paying customer? A paying customer is an individual or organisation that buys goods or services from a shop or other business. Businesses get customers when they can offer them products or […]

Dreaming and Thinking about Starting a New Business

Most of us has probably sometime consider starting a new business. Is our mind an ally or foe when starting a new business? The dream or need to start your own business is an emotional journey. However, when starting a business, rational thinking is required. Your Emotion and rationale should be in balance and if one […]